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 📈 Market Update

📈 Market Update - The March Cattle on Feed report indicates a slight increase in February placements compared to the previous year, with some influence from weather disruptions in January. Despite a decrease in the U.S. calf crop since 2018, feedlot inventories remain relatively large, reflecting continued heifer retention and other factors. However, the feedlot inventory is expected to decrease as cattle numbers decline and herd rebuilding progresses, potentially reaching levels similar to 2014 lows. Factors such as increased heifer retention and drought threats impact the pace of herd rebuilding.

🏛 LIP Legislation - Senators Mike Rounds and Amy Klobuchar introduce the Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) Improvement Act to enhance fairness in livestock disaster assistance. The legislation requires quarterly updates to LIP payment rates to reflect current market prices, providing crucial support for livestock owners affected by severe weather or disease. Supported by organizations like the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the South Dakota Farmers Union, the Act aims to ensure timely and equitable reimbursement for producers facing losses.

🐮 Match the Ranch - The importance of matching cattle to their environment has long been recognized by ranchers, as emphasized by Doc Hatfield, founder of Oregon Country Beef. Cattle suited to desert grazing, for example, thrive on ranches covering vast terrain and requiring minimal maintenance. This understanding has been ingrained in ranching practices for generations, with many families breeding cattle tailored to their specific landscapes. Recent research from the University of California at Davis explores how understanding cattle personalities can aid rangeland management. Some ranchers feel such research merely confirms what they already know: successful ranching hinges on having the right cattle for the land.

🌱 New Growth - After fires in the Texas Panhandle, signs of grass recovery emerge, but true restoration requires time for infrastructure and ecology. Experts advise keeping livestock off burned pastures, destocking, and prioritizing infrastructure rebuilding. As grasses regenerate, ranchers must rebuild smarter, considering fire-resistant fencing and strategic pasture planning. Despite challenges, wildfires provide opportunities for resilient land stewardship and soil productivity enhancement. Proactive measures, including grazing management and fuel load reduction, are essential for landscape resilience and long-term sustainability.

⛅️ Weather Watch - The winter season showed mixed weather patterns across the US, with mild conditions in the Plains and Corn Belt and typical El Niño-driven weather in the West and South, improving drought conditions. As spring arrives, the Plains and Corn Belt see increased activity, while dryness persists in the Northern Plains and western Corn Belt. The next few weeks are crucial for spring planting and the growing season nationwide.


TX/OK Working Grant Program

The Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) Leadership Development Foundation unveiled its new Working Grant Program at the 2024 Cattle Raisers Convention & Expo. This initiative, designed to assist individuals entering or expanding businesses in ranching or beef production, offers financial aid along with mentorship, educational resources, and networking opportunities. Open to Texas and Oklahoma applicants involved in various beef industry segments, applications will be accepted biannually starting May 1, 2024. 

The Power of Delegation

Acknowledging the struggle of delegating tasks, it's important to do in order to enhance productivity and reduce stress. Extending beyond work, delegation within families and seeking help from friends are emphasized for improved decision-making and stress management. This article reflects on one man's personal struggles and delegation's impact on his mental health and productivity.


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"I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.”

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With Livestock Indemnity Program legislation on the docket, what are your thoughts on the proposed required quarterly updates to reflect market prices?

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With headlines including Product of the USA updates, livestock tracking, status of Mexican and Paraguayan beef imports, and legislation surrounding security, what are your thoughts on the relationship between the beef industry and the foreign trade within it?

40.9%: Foreign trade is a positive part of the beef industry.

36.4%: There are pros and cons; a balance is necessary.

22.7%: Foreign trade is having a negative overall effect on the beef industry and should be strictly limited.


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