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 ✯ From the Flames

✯ From the Flames - Texas A&M Forest Service Blue Team Operations Section Chief Mike Brod reported continued progress in controlling several Texas Panhandle wildfires, including the Smokehouse Creek Fire, which stands at 1.077 million acres burned. Despite some flare-ups and a new 300-acre fire, containment efforts have been effective. The wildfires have resulted in significant property and livestock losses, with Hemphill County reporting over a thousand missing or dead cattle. Relief efforts are underway, with resources and donations coordinated through various organizations.

🧘‍♂️ Grit and Grace - In the world of production agriculture, stress and obstacles are a constant presence, but how we respond to them determines our resilience. Resilience, the ability to bounce back from challenges, is exemplified by the analogy of an egg and a tennis ball dropped from the same height: while the egg breaks, the tennis ball rebounds due to its elasticity. Cultivating a growth mindset and leveraging support systems are essential in navigating adversity. Learning from experiences and connecting with like-minded individuals can help build resilience and propel us forward. As we face trials, embracing challenges with flexibility and adaptability can mold us into stronger individuals.

🐄 Hit the Ground Running - Calving season, while exciting, can bring challenges like sickness and mortality among newborn calves. Maintaining cows' nutritional balance and timely colostrum consumption are vital for calf health. Post-partum care, vaccination, and rotational calving systems aid in safeguarding calves. Detecting and preventing calfhood pathogens like scours are crucial, as they can impact long-term calf performance and herd viability.

🍖 By-Product Benefits - The beef industry boasts a diverse range of products, including edible and inedible by-products, each with varying market values. Edible by-products like organs and tallow find use in cooking and processed foods, while inedible ones often go towards pet food or industrial purposes like biodiesel production. Market fluctuations affect overall by-product value, with recent trends showing a smaller percentage of total cattle value attributed to by-products. Despite their significance, capturing value from by-products remains a challenge, especially for smaller packers.

🌊 Economic Waves - Global beef demand is forecasted to remain stable in 2024 despite economic hurdles and consumer shifts towards cheaper protein options, Rabobank reports. Rising retail prices and inflation have affected consumer spending patterns, but overall beef demand held up well in 2023. Rabobank anticipates this trend to persist in 2024, albeit with economic uncertainties impacting household incomes. While global beef production outlook remains neutral, trade flows are changing, with China's import demand sluggish and diverting beef trade towards the US market. Amid economic challenges, value-based propositions are expected to dominate to retain consumers across various markets.


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