🧬 DNA Discoveries

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🧬 DNA Discoveries

🧬 DNA Discoveries - University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers unveil groundbreaking genetic mutations affecting Herefords and Angus cattle. Through collaboration with breed associations, they identify delayed blindness in Herefords and bovine familial convulsions and ataxia (BFCA) in Angus. These discoveries underscore the importance of genetic testing in cattle breeding, enabling producers to make informed decisions and prevent hereditary health issues. By reporting such issues and leveraging genetic research, producers can optimize herd performance and ensure animal welfare.

🔁 Synchronization Success - Managing the reproductive process of cow herds can lead to shorter breeding and calving seasons, resulting in numerous benefits such as improved calf uniformity and herd health. Estrus synchronization offers a practical solution, concentrating labor efforts and facilitating timed breeding. However, selecting the right synchronization protocol requires consideration of factors like labor availability, cost, and genetic objectives. AI breeding allows access to superior sires, enhancing genetic potential and optimizing profitability. Maintaining a defined breeding season streamlines management and boosts profit potential for cow-calf producers.

🪱 Pre-Weaning Worming - A recent study from the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station reveals significant benefits of deworming calves before weaning. Assoc. Prof. Daniel Rivera highlights that deworming leads to improved weight gain, translating to added value per head. Despite the added labor, the long-term impact on calf health and profitability makes deworming a worthwhile investment. Ongoing research aims to further understand the immune response benefits of pre-weaning deworming.

🚫 Cattlemen's Condemns - The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) strongly criticizes the USDA's move to cancel vital reports, including the July Cattle Report and County Estimates for Crops and Livestock. Ethan Lane, NCBA's Vice President of Government Affairs, denounces the decision, emphasizing the importance of transparency in livestock markets. NCBA urges USDA-NASS to reverse this decision immediately to uphold its commitment to providing essential statistics for U.S. agriculture.

💉 Breathing Easy - The FDA has approved Pradalex, an injectable solution, for treating respiratory diseases in cattle and swine. Pradalex, a medically important antimicrobial, is prescribed by veterinarians and given as a single shot. It's meant for specific age and class groups of animals and is backed by safety and effectiveness studies. The approval follows rigorous safety and efficacy evaluations, with Pradalex supplied in 100 mL and 250 mL bottles for veterinary use.

🥩 Cattle Collaborations - Garrett Englin, a cattle buyer for JBS USA, highlights the importance of consistency in the beef industry, from genetics to geographic location. Speaking at the 2024 Feedlot Forum, Englin discusses the rising popularity of beef-dairy crosses, emphasizing their role in maintaining consistent product quality. Englin underscores the significance of industry unity and collaboration, advocating for a shared objective of ensuring animal welfare and producing high-quality, affordable food for consumers.

🌱 To Fertilize, To Supplement - As temperatures rise and thoughts turn to spring, beef producers ponder pasture management strategies, including fertilization and supplementation. A study by Jordan Adams and colleagues explored the impact of these practices on forage biomass and cattle performance. While fertilization didn't significantly increase forage growth, supplementation boosted cattle gain and marbling scores. The study underscores the importance of understanding trade-offs and tailoring strategies to individual production models.

🐂 Bull Surge - The Oklahoma Quality Beef Network observed a significant increase in the number of uncastrated male feeder calves entering the market, using data from 2019 to 2023. The proportion of bull lots nearly tripled, indicating a shift in marketing practices. Research highlights the benefits of early castration for animal performance, yet factors such as weather events and market incentives may contribute to this trend. Despite higher feeder prices, uncastrated bulls are subject to market discounts, emphasizing the importance of management decisions for producers.


Uninterrupted Immunity

Dr. Joe Gillespie from Boehringer Ingelheim emphasizes the critical importance of early vaccination and colostrum intake for calf health. Maternal antibodies provide initial defense, but they diminish over time, making vaccination crucial for sustained immunity against diseases like bovine respiratory disease (BRD). Gillespie highlights a study demonstrating the effectiveness of a modified-live virus (MLV) vaccine protocol in calves as young as 30 days old, showing robust immunity against prevalent pathogens.

Extension Education: Finding Balance

The late Dr. Bob Taylor said, "Profitable cattle are usually productive, but productive cattle are not always profitable." From weaning weight questions to replacement heifer considerations, every decision has an impact on your ability to move your cowherd forward in a right direction. Check out this article from the University of Nebraska on pages 40-41 of The Stockman to learn steps to take with your herd.


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